Three Gold Coins is in Greece!


I was very excited to see a lovely Instagram reader post a story with the cover of my novel Three Gold Coins in Greek! Otherwise, I would have had no idea it had been published … such is the way with international translations… and it appears to be a best seller??

With the help of Google translate, I managed to track down a wonderful review by Katerina Tsemperlidou who says:

“A powerful novel full of love, family ties, agony, humor, drama, oppression and the road to freedom.

The story of the book is also an anthem for Italy, for the Italian food and, especially, for the varieties of Italian cheeses, which play their role in the upheavals that the author creates in the pages of the novel.

Very true, very human, optimistic and tender, a novel that will win your heart. Everything we need to snooze in our corner now in the fall.”

Thank you, Katerina!

If anyone has connections to Greek media, please feel free to let them know I’m happy to do some publicity! 😀