Thank you for visiting my site. I write rich, contemporary, life-affirming stories that are deliciously entwined with sumptuous food themes. I love hearing from my readers and wish we could all get together for a cup of tea. Alas, this might be as close as we get so feel free to hang out and be part of the conversation.

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87 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi, I managed to win a copy of The Tea Chest from your publisher, the book is amazing. From the moment I read the first few pages I wanted to get in my car and visit The Tea Chest store – to soak up the atmosphere you described and to meet the characters. I am loving the book and know this book will now be one of my favourite reads.

  2. Hi Josephine,
    I read about you in the Noosa News paper and immediately started thinking about possible local channel partners locally. If you are interested to chat with me when you are back in Noosa, please get in touch.
    Find me on http://www.socialmediaworks.co or message me on Facebook.

    Congrats on the book. Am looking forward to getting a hold of it. Who is stocking it locally?


  3. Hi Josephine

    I read a recommendation for your book written by Monica McInerney and immediately ordered a copy which I picked up on the day it was released. I started reading it at 5pm last Saturday evening and finished it at 2.30am Sunday – it was a great read made even more enjoyable by the fact that I felt like I was part of it knowing of and having visited the suburbs and streets in Brisbane. Thank you for writing an excellent story and I can’t wait to read more in the future.

  4. Hi Jo – I am a food writer, and picked up your book in the airport on my way to TastingAustralia held in Adelaide. What a delight to find you embedded in my pages of WQ when I returned to Brisbane – and your discussion on the flavour wheel – something I tend to fall back on when my bran refuses to engage sometimes. Double the Jo, double the fun. Best of luck in your continued endevours. – Shirley

  5. I read the article about the books that changed you and wanted to tell you that I too have read julia cameron’s book and found it life changing. It enabled me to allow my creativity to emerge and i haven’t stopped creating since. Here is the link to my first website. I would love you to have a look. I have taught English to primary students new to Australia and have just retired. Here is my new passion.

  6. Hi Josephine

    I have just finished reading The Tea Chest and I loved it (and I don’t even drink tea!) I think as readers we come across a book every now and then that we are ‘meant’ to read and for me, this is one of them. I am an avid reader and enjoy most books I read but this one resonated with me on so very many levels, much more so than many others. Thank-you Josephine, I can’t wait to read more.


  7. My book club has just read The Tea Chest and we’ll be meeting this coming Wednesday night to discuss it. I really enjoyed the book and am now enjoying some new teas. I can’t walk past a tea shop without popping and buying some exotic blend. Never did that before I read The Tea Chest. Looking forward to your next book, Josephine.

    • Thanks so much, Nena. I’m so glad you enjoyed it and have found some new inspiration in tea. Enjoy your get-together on Wednesday… hopefully with a few cups of tea alongside the discussion! πŸ™‚

  8. Just finished reading The Tea Chest, and I loved it! It makes me want to open my own tea shop… So excited to read your next book.

  9. I have just this second finished your book and couldn’t wait to tell you how much I loved it! Wonderfully written, I couldn’t put it down. It’s hard to believe it’s your debut novel. I hope that I have the pleasure of reading another of your creations in the future. So good luck and thank you.

  10. I bought your novel recently from a stall at bungendore markets, NSW, being run by a little boy! What a wonderful book which I loved from beginning to end, especially as it took place in Brisbane and London. I only came to live in Australia 4 years ago and live in Woodford, Qld. I was surprised to see your husband is Alwyn Blaise, who I had the pleasure to meet when he treated my husband Ken, who unfortunately passed away at Easter. Your book brought me great joy and look forward to your next novel. Ann Fincher

  11. Hi Josephine, I felt I had to contact you after just finishing “The Tea Chest ” I ordered your book from the library after seeing it advertised on our library website.Christmas 2013 I received a gift of assorted teas and 2 cups from a friend. ( purchased from T 2) I really liked the gift and promptly put it in a cupboard and forgot about it. Christmas 214 this same friend gave me an assortment of teas again.My daughter also received the same gift from a work colleague. I read the back of the box and thought how beautiful each tea sounded. Then i read your book and before i had got very far, you guessed, i had to find my box of tea . Your book made me reconnect with tea again , Over the years i had changed from a tea drinker to a coffee drinker , I hadn’t had a drink of tea in years. A fantastic book , excellent story, but the most important thing the book made me fall in love with tea again. Not just any tea , ordinary black or green tea but special tea, each label reads like poetry. ( from T2) Might be worth approaching them to stock some copies of your book, or ask them for some samples to give with each book purchased as i think this could only be a win win situation.
    When i finished your book i looked at the back cover to find your email address as i felt i really needed to say more than thank you. Today i am going to buy 3 copies of your book , one for my friend who bought the tea, one for my daughter, and one for my book shelf. I look forward to your next book just hope it doesn’t have the same effect other wise i will need to go on a diet. Once again thank you so much. Judith Collison

    • Hi Judith, thank you so much for your message and your wonderful support of The Tea Chest. That’s exactly how I wanted people to feel at the end. Hurrah! πŸ™‚ We did actually make contact with T2 but sadly it didn’t go any further than that. I love T2, and it was while wandering around in their Chermside store in Brisbane that I came up with the story. So it was a great disappointment to me. But, still, wonderful readers like you have found the book. Many, many thanks. Jo x

  12. I have read your book ‘ The Tea Chest ‘ what a lovely book really enjoyed it can’t wait for The Chocolate Promise roll on April… Thank you,
    Christine x

  13. Hi Josephine, I bought and read The Tea Chest after reading the gorgeous Monica’s recommendation and I absolutely loved it. I have been to London several times and I had the mental picture and still have embedded on my mind. I am looking forward to reading The Chocolate Promise, luckily not out until April as I have several to read before then. I am also a tea drinker and depends on my mood as to which one I have. I do like something different to the norm so I too have been a visitor to T2, yes that would have been a disappointing non starter….well their loss for sure.
    I love your new photo, very beautiful and roll on April and you realise now you have given us all a taste of your writing you will have to write faster to satisfy us all!!
    Will you be doing any book launches anywhere (like the amazing Monica) in Vic as I would love to meet you in person. Hugs, Lynne xoxo<3

    • Hi Lynne, nice to see you here πŸ™‚ yes, I am coming to Victoria this year but I don’t have my schedule yet. We’ll hopefully know soon. It would be great to meet you x

  14. Hi Josephine….so excited to today win a copy of The Tea Chest and so looking forward to reading it…can’t wait! Will look out for The Chocolate Promise and as soon as I see it I will be getting it! Mmmmmm chocolates and tea…..Thank you once again!

  15. Hi Jo, this is Shell Parsons but I’ve been logged in on my wordpress acct which is lolshelley. So excited that your new book is almost here. Loved The Tea Chest and adore the cover of your new book. Your new website is gorgeous too! Are you planning any Sydney appearances when your new book is launched? Hint hint. Good luck with the release, I know it will be a hit.x

      • Thanks Jo. If it was during the daytime I would have travelled up but being at night and with my appalling sense of direction, I am scared I wouldn’t make it back to Sydney for work the next morning. Fingers crossed next time a Sydney spot comes up. I will petition Hornsby library to get you to come:-) Shell.x

  16. I just finished The Tea Chest. I picked it up from a book shelf in a hotel in seminyak on the night I was leaving, needed something to read while I was waiting for the plane.
    I loved it. I’m not a big reader but I couldn’t wait to get home from work each evening and read a couple chapters. It’s been a fabulous escape. I loved the story and identifying with the characters, I feel like they’re all my best friends. It’s given me motivation to read more, it’s been the kickstart of what I hope will be a healthy reading habbit for life, because now I know there’s books I can enjoy so much and it’s inspired me to move forward with my dreams of working for myself and owning my own business. Thank you for realising you dreams so other’s can realise theirs, fabulous job. I’ll be looking for The Chocolate Promise on amazon!

  17. Hello
    I have just read The Tea Chest. To be honest I hadn’t heard of it but stumbled across it one night in Target. I was excited that it sounded like exactly something I enjoy reading. I am an avid reader but with 4 children rarely get to read anything except school kids readers! I read it too quickly I’m afraid and can not wait to read The Chocolate Promise! Keep writing please. Fabulous to have. New Australian Author to follow. Thank you

  18. I was at Melbourne airport, coming back to Spain to visit family and friends. My favourites places for browsing at the airports are the bookshops, I always find treasures when I’m not looking for them. Since I saw the cover, a colourful naive illustration, the title “the chocolate promise” and your name Moon… it was meant to be, no doubt at all, the book was travelling with me.
    I have enjoyed soooo much this book. I’ve been reliving so many memories in France through your descriptions, I could feel again the scents, the atmosphere, and the flavours. I’m an alchemist when I create a new perfume, and so Christmas is when she creates new chocolates… and so on. It’s been a huge pleasure reading this book, you are a very talented writer capable to evoke not only emotions but also awaken the senses. I wish I could whirl English words and make them dance as you do ( I still struggle with this new language to me)! At the present moment, I’m reading The Tea Chest, half way, and loving it as well!!!
    Chapeau Mme Moon! OlΓ©, OlΓ© y OlΓ©!

  19. Have just finished “The Tea Chest” . Thoroughly enjoyed it. Have The Chocolate Promise ready to go! Thank you Monica for recommending . Great to find new Australian authors.

  20. Dear Josephine,
    Thought of you and The Chocolate Promise as I enjoyed an amazing experience at Koko Black in Perth, WA.
    I can’t wait for your next novel, I’m not starting a new book, waiting for yours to become available so I hope it’s very soon!!

  21. I ran out and bought the bee keepers secret today!!!… I read both the tea chest and choc promise last year.. I loved them… especially the tea chest (being a tea lover & an avid tea drinker myself)
    Cant wait to dig in to the new one

  22. I will one day get all three books signed by you.. im from melbourne… so pls let us know if u ever have a meet and greeet πŸ™‚

  23. I live in Evandale Tasmania and love Chocolate. What a heavenly combination. Your book is on sale in our tourist information centre, its a good talking point.

  24. Dearest Josephine, I bought The Tea Chest because I loved the name immediately and of course saw the beautiful poster – gorgeous colours – inviting me to enter the story held in the pages. I was thrilled to read The Chocolate Promise – could barely breath in parts. Oh my – The Beekeepers Secret – you paint pictures in my soul with your words. I am a special education teacher and don’t get to read for pleasure very much….. I read for hours when I have your books! What is next…. perhaps coffee? Norfolk Island? Penrith? Blue Mts? Wine? Mudgee or Orange or Bathurst? Thankyou with all my heart. X

  25. Hi Jo! It was wonderful to meet you recently at Batemans Bay! I have just finished The Beekeeper’s Secret and, wow, how I loved it! I don’t think a book has moved me so in a very long time Long time! Such a sensitive topic and handled so very, very well! Oh my, I was in tears on the last page (twice). I know , sounds crazy lol! Thank you so very very much for another fabulous read and I’m so looking forward to the next book!

    PS. Love your covers too!

  26. I have just finished reading ‘The Chocolate Apothecary’ – not sure why it has that title but I prefer it! I bought it at a bookshop at the Rome Termini railway station! Just started reading The Beekeeper’s Secret and have your first book on order. Keep writing! I love to discover a new author and keep reading their books!

    • Thank you so much, Rosalee! The title The Chocolate Apothecary is used in the UK as it suits that readership more. And I’m so glad you like it! And thank you for the support of my other books too. Much appreciated πŸ™‚

  27. Hi Josephine! How I love your books! I spotted The Tea Chest about 6 weeks ago and had to buy it to read, being a lover of fine china teacups and tea! I wasn’t disappointed as I loved the concept of The Tea Chest store and bfollowing the characters’ lives. My Mother’s Day Wish List ( which my daughter and husband asked me to write) had The Chocolate Promise and The Bee Keepers Secret on it and ‘voila’, I was lucky enough to be given both! I’ve just finished The Chocolate Promise and would LOVE the story to continue. You know the scenes you wrote in Ecuador that didn’t make the final draft? I would love a sequel where Lincoln and Christmas travel to Ecuador, find the Cocao Queen, after the odd twist in the road of course, learn about medicinal chocolate from a wise sage…. etc etc. Any chance??
    The Bee Keeper’s Secret is next in line. Lucky me.
    Thank you Josephine and keep ‘ Em coming!

    • Thank you so much, Anita. I’m truly touched by your enthusiasm πŸ™‚ Yes, I’d love to see a bit more of Christmas and Lincoln too. Maybe a bit more of Jackson too πŸ˜‰

  28. The minute I finished reading The Tea Chest, a couple of years ago, I jumped online to see what else you had written because I wanted to read all your books. I was astounded to see that was your first! I waited patiently for The Chocolate Promise which my husband bought me last year for Easter. As soon as I saw The Beekeepers Secret in shops, I raced out to buy a copy each for myself and my Mum. I can’t wait for your next book!! Please tell me you have one in process?!??

  29. Hi Josephine, not sure if you received my last post so here I go again. My daughter & I are huge fans & have read & own your 3 books. Just wondering if you have any new books in the pipeline?your books have helped us through some tough times so thank you for being an incredible author & for being there for us. X

    • Hi Liz, thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your joy for my novels. I really do appreciate it. Yes, I am currently writing my next novel and it will be out early 2018. Thank you so much for your kind words; they really do help me! xx

      • Hi Josephine, hanging out for your new book, can”t wait! Will you be planning any book signings or book tours in Western Australia? We”d love to welcome you to Perth & I”d love to one day host that tea party you said you”d love to have with all your readers. Love Liz xx

      • Hi Jo , just wanted to wish you a Happy International Women”s Day! Also, where can I find some of your delicious recipes? Love Liz xx

      • Hi Josephine, Happy New Year! Happy writing in 2017, can”t wait for your new book. A rough start to the year for us but I know it will get better. What”d your new book called & when will it be in stores? Need time to save for it. I will never stop loving & reading your books. Live Liz x

    • Hi Josephine, please consider me when you choose someone to give your precious books to. Dog ears & tea stains are a sign that a book has been truly & unconditionally loved without predjudice. I have never been anywhere on a plane but I have travelled to so many places in books. Would love to see where the books you have read have taken you & share that journey. Your Fellow Booklover, Liz xx

  30. Hi Josephine,
    This is Samira from Brisbane, I am finishing one of your books, the chocolate Promise, that is lovely & delicious! I will read more books of yours. Keep up sweet books.
    All the luck

  31. Dear Josephine, I was introduced to your books through my best friend who gave me The Beekeeper’s Secret at Christmas. Minutes ago I finished The Chocolate Promise and it’s lovely to be able to remain connected in some way by emailing you. Reading a book you love fills you with mixed emotions – on the one hand you want to keep reading until you finish it but then when you HAVE finished it there’s such an emptiness and sense of loss. Looking forward now to The Tea Chest and all your future books.

    • Thank you so much for emailing, Helen! I am delighted that you have enjoyed both books so much that you’re heading for a third! My next novel is The Tuscan Feast at it will be out in April 2018. Happy reading, Jo x

  32. Hi Josephine,
    I have loved every single page of all your books. (And the gorgeous covers too!) Love that they include local references. The Beekeepers secret prompted me to start a conversation with my children on how important these beautiful little creatures are to our precious earth . Eagerly awaiting your next treasure in 2018!

  33. OMG ! I fell in love with The Beekeeper’s Secret and was sure I wouldn’t love your other books as much! Just finished The Tea Chest after a week – an absolute record for me. I must thank my very dear friend Margo Gibbs for introducing your books to me and I rave about them to almost everyone I meet. Next up is The Chocolate Promise so there will go another week of my life as I immerse myself into another world. Thank you Josephine and keep writing please!
    Maybe, just maybe, we can meet for coffee, tea or whatever and chat.

    • Hi Maria (great name πŸ˜‰). Thank you so much for your enthusiastic words and your support of my work. Margo is a gem. I’m hoping to do some events later this year, so hopefully the opportunity will arise for us to meet in person. Until then, happy reading of The Chocolate Promise. (I advise you to have chocolate on hand, in easy reach!)

  34. Hi Josephine, I’ve just finished reading The Tea Chest which has left me so happy and smiling ear to ear. I thoroughly enjoyed your book, the story and the characters. After sharing with my husband how fantastic it was a few minutes ago, he said can you bring it, I want to give it a go (mind you he isn’t a big reader, he is in IT and on the comp all day) so that’s big. I just wanted to stop by and let you know how beautiful and great your novel The Tea Chest is and that I was so excited when I saw you have two more books out and they are available in my local library (which I’ve just reserved) and one more on order as per the library. I cannot wait to read your other novels, I think The Beekeeper’s Secret will be available for me to pick up tomorrow yay!!!
    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! And thanks again for a fantastic 5* read!
    Best wishes,
    Hana (Sydney, Australia)

      • Hi Josephine,
        Thank you! I couldn’t wait for The Beekeeper’s Secret to be delivered to my local library, I popped in hoping it had arrived, but they said tomorrow morning, so I drove out a further few km’s to pick it up just so I can get into it tonight. I am so excited, I have read so many great reviews for The Beekeeper’s Secret.
        Keep writing Josephine as your work is just so original and captivating and the characters so likeable and real. For a very long time I only read non-fiction, until I gave your book The Tea Chest a go. I am so looking forward to reading the rest of your books, which is a present to myself, me time, I am a mum of two and doing a uni degree from home.
        Thanks for giving me something to look forward to, this summer holidays.
        Best wishes,

  35. Hello Josephine

    I recently read an article on you and your stories in the Saturday Mercury and decided to check your books in my local library. Three Gold Coins is currently on order so I requested The Chocolate Promise and loved it. I have lived in Tasmania all my life so could relate to the areas you wrote about, and I also have friends who live in Cooroy and visited them last month. Loved the characters (and I am a chocaholic), looking forward to reading your other books now.

    Kind Regards
    Maree sharples
    Lindisfarne Tasmania

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