The Tea Chest

‘The Tea Chest’

Rows of teapots and Turkish tea glasses lay out for taste tests. Roasted marshmallow, chocolates, gingerbread men, Turkish delight, chocolate-coated raspberries, crystalised ginger and truffles all sat in tall glass jars, just begging for someone to pluck them for themselves.

Kate Fullerton is the lead tea designer for The Tea Chest, a boutique tea store in Brisbane, but inherits half the company after her mentor, Simone, dies. Now, she’s faced with the enormous task of going to London to set up a new store from scratch in just six weeks and prove to her family, her hostile business partner and herself that she’s worth the risk.

Leila Morton has just been fired from her job. Elizabeth Clancy has just found out her husband has betrayed her in the most awful way. Both need to start again.

Can the three women succeed against the odds?

They have to. The Tea Chest is just too precious to lose.

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~ “A gloriously wonderful read, I loved it!” (Cathy Kelly)

~ “I loved it – a perfect blend of sweet and spice.” (Jenny Colgan)

~ “If books were food this would be a fairy cake – sweet but not cloying, nostalgic, a little whimsical and something you want to simultaneously gobble up and save for later.” (The Girl Booker)

~ “Our Book of the Week. We adored it. Josephine Moon’s debut novel, will warm your heart as you indulge in every page” (Culture Street)

~ “The story is fascinating and I found it difficult to put the book down” (Jessica Broadbent, Books+Publishing)

~ “Take one brilliant tea designer. Add a gutsy woman newly separated from her husband. Sprinkle in another woman recently fired. Brew for 359 pages and you have a delightful first novel from author Josephine Moon.” (Evana Ho, Artsound)

~ “I fell in love with the concept immediately… I was hooked. A light easy read that will make you want to keep going until you get right to the very end and leave you wanting more.” (Tarran, Collin’s Booksellers, Adelaide)

~ “I can’t fault this book. I LOVED it.” (Georgia, Goodreads)



* Shortlisted for the Australian Book Industry Awards, Matt Richell Award for New Writer,  2015

* Commended for the Fellowship of Australian Writers, Christina Stead Award, 2015

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