About Josephine

Josephine Moon’s novels are published internationally. She describes her novels as ‘books like chocolate brownies’—rich, inviting, a treat for soul but with chunky nuts to chew on, with a dash of sea salt that lingers on the tongue. She the author of The Tea Chest, The Chocolate Promise, The Beekeeper’s Secret, and Three Gold Coins. She lives in the Noosa hinterland, Australia, with her husband, son and a tribe of animals that, despite her best intentions, seems to expand every year. 

She is a proud sponsor of Story Dogs, Australia, currently sponsoring Ella and Charlie on the Sunshine Coast. Story Dogs teams visit primary schools to encourage reading development in early learners. Story Dogs is a charity close to Jo’s heart, combining her love of literacy and reading with children and animals. (Really, what’s not to love?!)

In length…

Josephine Moon has four novels published internationally, something that surprises and delights her in equal measures. She is still getting used to this success, probably because it took so long to get here.

She wrote her first book at aged nine, entitled ‘Starlight the Brumby’, which she acted out in the backyard, complete with horse galloping and neighing. She was always a writer, but wanted to pursue veterinary science until Year 11 physics, when it became blatantly obvious that physics and her were never going to get along. She wrote hundreds of letters to friends while sitting in advanced maths classes (many of which have been embarrassingly discovered by grown friends’ mothers as they cleared out their daughter’s old rooms). Despite the lack of attention to maths, she enrolled in Environmental Science at university and studied there until it became blatantly clear that statistics and her were never going to get on. (You’d have thought she might have learnt the first time, but no.) So she pulled out of that course with the blinding realisation that she was a writer. She did as seemed sensible and enrolled in journalism and film and media studies. She worked for free for many newspapers and a few television gigs (which is the standard way to get a job in the media), hoping someone would spot her raging talent and give her a job. But then, you know, she needed money.

Teaching was next on the list but she was an avid short story writer and it was in her first year teaching, in 1999, when she was sitting in a writing workshop run by the Queensland Writers Centre that she realised, ah ha! This was it! She drew a line in the sand and declared that this was what she wanted to do: be a career author.

It was then a long route to fulfilling her dream, writing ten manuscripts in twelve years and stopping off in more jobs than she can count. She has worked as a technical writer, a dog walker and pet minder, a pizza maker (with exceptional skills on the ‘make bench’, once pumping out 400 pizzas in one rainy, Friday night), two hours in a fruit shop, some casual work as a superannuation administration lackey, teaching workshops in natural medicine for animals, and working as an aromatherapist/massage therapist. Her longest careers have been as a teacher (three years) and a commercial editor of non-fiction (four years).

She also founded and ran a horse rescue charity in SE Qld, working nearly full time for three years and for no pay, but a lot of personal reward and a paddock full of retired horses that now eat their way through her spending money. She loves animals and includes in her life’s highlights swimming with humpback whales in Tonga.

Josephine likes to write stories about strong, creative women making their mark on the world, stories that leave you feeling better about the world than you did before you started, intertwined with amazing food themes, and thinks of her books as nourishment for the soul.

Sometimes she prepares great, organic superpower foods and other times she eats toast.

She lives with her husband, son and animals (dogs, cats, chickens, horses, fish, goats) on acreage in the Noosa hinterland (Australia), very much enjoying the splendours of sushi, beaches, smoothies, cafes, fresh food markets and festivals. She thinks she has the best job in the world.


14 Comments Add yours

  1. bvedsted says:

    Who doesn’t love tea, books, horses, and chocolate?
    Good luck with your writings!

  2. dave birkbeck says:

    jeez your husband’s a nice bloke!? just thought you should know….if you didn’t already

    1. Josephine says:

      He certainly is and I definitely know it and am thankful every day !

  3. Tarran Jones says:

    Hi Josephine,
    I just finished reading an advance copy of ‘The Tea Chest’ and loved it. Here is my review of it.

    1. Josephine says:

      Thank you so much, Tarran, for such a lovely review and for making my first experience of a public review such a pleasant one! I love how much you loved it and that is a great reward for writing it in the first place.

  4. Jeanette says:

    Hi I have just finished The Tea Chest and loved it, couldn’t put it down, congratulations on such a great first novel. Really enjoyed getting to know Kate, Leila, Elizabeth and Victoria.

    1. Josephine says:

      Thank you so much, Jeanette 🙂

  5. Georgina Evans says:

    Hi Josephine.
    I am reading ‘The Tea Chest’. I am really enjoying it. I hear that you have a new book coming out soon. Do you know when it will be available in the shops? I am really looking forward to it.

    1. Josephine says:

      Hi Georgina, The Chocolate Promise is in stores right now! 🙂

  6. Jane Campbell says:

    Hi Josephine! I have just finished The Chocolate Promise (I didn’t want it to end!) and have just bought The Tea Chest because I needed more. Hope there are lots of ideas bubbling away for the next book! I’m not greedy!!!!……

    1. Josephine says:

      I’m so pleased, Jane, thank you 🙂 Rest assured, there are plenty more stories in the works 🙂

  7. Elise Biggs says:

    Just discovered you Josephine – and loved each one of your books. I can’t put them down once I get started. They are great! Eagerly awaiting the next one.

    Elise Biggs – The Sinshine Coast

    1. Thank you so much, Elise! I am editing the next one now and it will be out in April next year 😊

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