Josephine writes fiction and non-fiction, but mostly fiction. She describes her writing as ‘contemporary stories about life, love, careers and food, sometimes partially set between Australia and overseas and other times just in Australia’. Food plays a big supporting role in her stories and she often calls her work ‘foodie lit’ or ‘foodie fiction’–stories food lovers love. Her readers regularly tell her they love learning new things about food… and that her stories make their mouths water!

Josephine Moon’s novels are published internationally. She describes her novels as ‘books like chocolate brownies’—rich, inviting, a treat for soul but with chunky nuts to chew on, with a dash of sea salt that lingers on the tongue. She the author of The Tea Chest, The Chocolate Promise, The Beekeeper’s Secret, Three Gold Coins, and The Gift of Life. She lives in the Noosa hinterland, Australia, with her husband, son and a tribe of animals that, despite her best intentions, seems to expand every year. 

Aside from writing, her longest careers have been as a teacher and a commercial editor of non-fiction, with numerous jobs in between. She also founded and ran a horse rescue charity in SE Qld, working nearly full time for three years and for no pay, but a lot of personal reward and a paddock full of retired horses that now eat their way through her spending money. She loves animals and includes in her life’s highlights swimming with humpback whales in Tonga.

She is a proud sponsor of Story Dogs, Australia, currently sponsoring Mercedes and Cleo (pictured) at Sunshine Beach State School. Story Dogs teams visit primary schools to encourage reading development in early learners. Story Dogs is a charity close to Jo’s heart, combining her love of literacy and reading with children and animals. She also sponsors an Australian student through The Smith Family. She organised and ran the ‘Authors for Farmers’ fundraising campaign in 2018 and the ‘Authors for Townsville’ fundraising campaign in 2019.