The Chocolate Promise (The Chocolate Apothecary)

The Chocolate Promise book trailer. Click here to watch in YouTube.
Click here to watch in YouTube


The Chocolate Apothecary, book trailer
The Chocolate Apothecary, book trailer

ChocolatePromisecover_final copyChristmas Livingstone has 10 rules for happiness, the most important of which is ‘absolutely no romantic relationships’.

In The Chocolate Apothecary, her enchanting artisan store in Tasmania, she tempers chocolate and creates handmade delicacies. Surrounded by gifts for the senses, in this shop chocolate isn’t just good for you, it’s medicine.

Until one day, a stranger arrives at her front door – a dishevelled botanist seeking her help. She really doesn’t need Lincoln van Luc to walk into her life, even if he does have the nicest blue eyes, the loveliest meddling grandmother and a gorgeous newly rescued dog. She really doesn’t need any of it.

Or does she?

Set across Tasmania, Paris and Provence, this is a glorious novel of a creative woman about to find out how far in life a list of rules will take her, with an enticing tangle of freshly picked herbs, pots of flowers and lashings of chocolate scenting the air.

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Praise for The Chocolate Promise / The Chocolate Apothecary

  • “a Tasmanian twist on the movie Chocolat… relatable, easy read that successfully balances cleverness and cuteness..the story is inspiring and life-affirming… Dealing with issues of independence and maturity, family and connection, as well as romance, desire, food and travel, The Chocolate Promise is a fun addition to contemporary women’s fiction. ” (Books+Publishing)
  • Finished the book this morning and LOVED it!!! Didn’t want to put it down or for it to end. Can’t wait to start selling it to our customers.” (Emma Gillard, bookseller, NZ)
  •  “Just as fantastic as The Tea Chest! Perfect little love story with a great bit of chocolate history thrown in.” (Hayley, bookseller, NZ)
  • “Your book has touched, inspired and challenged me on a lot of different levels. I thought it was just a novel, but it’s not and for that I also thank you.” (Wendy, Sydney reader)
  • “Moon handles this romance like tempered chocolate – heating and cooling it in all the right places to keep the reader engrossed, and literally salivating for more… But make no mistake, this is not a sacharine-sweet romance. Like the highest quality dark chocolate, there’s a wonderful hint of bitterness that manages to ground this story in a type of heightened reality… While the romance is undoubtedly the creamy centre of this tale, it is wrapped up in a type of rocky-road shell, with supporting characters and secondary plot lines that provide a satisfying chewiness and crunch over the book’s 384 pages.” (Book Birdy)Overall, The Chocolate Promise is a feast for the senses and a salve for the heart. Devour it as you would a whole bar of chocolate. This book is a guilty pleasure.

10 Comments Add yours

  1. Dzintra says:

    OMG Tasmania, PARIS and Provence! My Son is talking of taking me to PARIS and Provence later this year… Husband and I can’t go together as we have a Daughter with a disability and he will stay home and care for her whilst I take up my Beautiful Boys very generous offer! And this book comes out in April my Birthday month…can’t get much better than this….wooohoooo!

    1. Josephine says:

      How wonderful! What a fantastic trip you’ll have. And I’m so glad The Chocolate Promise will be out in time for your birthday 🙂

      1. Dzintra says:

        Me too Josephine 🗼

  2. Julie says:

    I read the Chocolate Promise yesterday. Yes, mostly in one go! It was fantastic!!! I absolutely loved it. Will there be a sequel? There seems to be much more in the story of Christmas and Lincoln!

    1. Josephine says:

      Thank you, Julie! I have thought about a follow-on book for The Chocolate Promise. I also think I’d like to hear more from Jackson 😊 You just never know what’s on the horizon 😀

  3. How is it that all the people involved in the production of this book don’t know Mother’s Day is the 2nd Sunday in May. It’s really annoyed me, I can’t get back into the book and I was really enjoying it.

    1. Josephine says:

      Hi Julie, thanks for stopping by. Sorry to hear you’re annoyed. From memory, I made a big time shift during the structural edit because the pace was too slow at the beginning and I needed to bump it up. I think Mother’s Day does still fall on the 2nd Sunday, but it’s actually Easter Sunday that I’ve taken creative licence with and written it to fall on the 1st Sunday in May (which I don’t think is ever possible). I knew that, but sometimes when writing fiction we have to do just that and fictionalise for the overall story’s beneift. I do hope you can find your way back into it. Best wishes, Jo 🙂

  4. Sarah says:

    I picked up the chocolate promise a few months ago, I’m a chocolate lover and use to live in tasmania and omg the book was amazing , I was saddened when it ended it has became my favourite book 😀

    1. Thank you so very much, Sarah 😊

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