I’m Speaking at the National Education Summit in Brisbane

I’m very pleased to announce that I will be presenting the opening session of the ‘Diverse Learners Symposium’ at the National Education Summit in Brisbane, in August this year.

The title of my session is “Reimagining Autism: Myths, Autistic Truth, Cultivating Empathy”.

If you’re heading to the summit, I’d love to see you there. If you’re still to get tickets, you can find them here.

I’m looking forward to engaging with teachers, principals and therapists in ways that help shift the negative bias towards autism and help us to embrace our young autists, encouraging and supporting them to flourish authentically.

I’m also authentically super nervous (speaking is not my comfortable space) but I am proud to be there as a contributor to the growing number of autistic voices in public spaces, working for positive change. I will be sweaty, and shaky, and probably mix up a few words. But I will be there.