You’re invited to Storyfest at Somerset College

Lovely ones, here’s a wonderful chance to enjoy a winter’s day out with your favourite friends on the Gold Coast.

For me, it will be my first trip down to the Gold Coast in a long time… the last time I went down there was a couple of years ago on a five-hour round trip to deliver a chicken (which is a whole other story, much like another of my chicken stories from a visit to Paddington in Sydney…) so, this sounded like a delightfully different trip for me and a wonderful chance to catch up with readers I don’t normally get to see so far south from me.

The great people at Storyfest Somerset College have invited me to come along to a luncheon and conversation about books, especially The Jam Queens and travelling on The Ghan, and the tickets have just gone on sale!

There will be three courses of food, drinks, raffles, book chat and book signings, beginning with arrivals at 11am and finishing with book signings starting at 2.30.

I’d love to see you there, and if you’d like to join us, I might even tell you why I was driving a chicken on a five-hour road trip… or maybe even why I ended up in a stranger’s car in Sydney with a chicken in my lap.

You can book your tickets here.