Three Course Dessert Degustation, drinks, music and more

Mini meringues, espresso martinis, Persian love cake, green tea, flourless chocolate cake, raspberry martinis and more…

It was my absolute pleasure to speak to Christine Anu on ABC radio last night on the ‘Evenings’ program and to create a virtual three-course dessert degustation for listeners to enjoy. I took the recipes from my book, The Cake Maker’s Wish, and matched them with accompanying drinks and (as spontaneously requested on air!) music as well. I had a wonderful time talking about one of my favourite topics: food.

You can catch the degustation discussion here and the segment starts at 2:10.

Music matches came from Pink Martini, The Cat Empire and Katie Noonan.

Thank you so much, Christine and ABC radio for supporting Aussie authors!

If you’re looking for my recipe for the Persian Love Cake, you will find it at the back of The Cake Maker’s Wish.

Jo x

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