Win a Manuscript Assessment with Sophie Green, publisher.

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The first of our wonderful Australian publishers who has donated her time to raise funds for Buy a Bale and help an aspiring writer at the same time is none other than the wonderful Sophie Green. Here is some information about Sophie and what she is offering.

If you have been working on a manuscript and want the chance to win first class feedback and maybe even find your work in front of the right people who can make your dream come true, then make sure you keep following along and bid, bid, bid to win Sophie’s attention!

Sophie’s offer will be on eBay in the FIRST round of auctions, starting 15 October, 6pm.

Welcome, Sophie!


Bio: Sophie Green is an author, editor and publisher who lives in Sydney. She has written several fiction and non-fiction books, some under other names.

Why are you excited to do this? It’s always wonderful to have the opportunity to see new writing, and as an editor I love having the chance to work on the structure of manuscripts.

Genres: no science fiction, horror or fantasy

Submission length: Any, up to whole manuscript

Communication: Phone and email

Reply time: up to three months

Auction reserve: $390


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AUTHORS FOR FARMERS is an initiative by Australian author Josephine Moon ( to band together fellow authors from around the country to help with drought relief fundraising for Australian farmers. All money raised goes to BUY A BALE (registered charity,

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