Creative Tuesdays: Week #3, Snowy Owls from Toilet Rolls

Snowy owl ornaments
Snowy owl ornaments

Christmas decorations were back on today’s agenda for Creative Tuesday.

They’re made from toilet rolls, white paint, white card cut into circles and glued with glitter, paper for the beak, glue on eye pieces and thumbtacks into drift wood for feet. I still want to wire them up to hang in the tree.

I think it’s important to stress that my philosophy for Creative Tuesday is not to produce something GREAT but simply to CREATE. Thus, I present my homemade snowy owls!


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  1. lolshelley says:

    I love you Josephine! Those owls made me smile on what has been a pretty crappy day. All the writing I had planned didn’t happen due to various circumstances. I have just finished two large glasses of wine and albeit I am feeling a lot less stressed, I am also not feeling productive enough to sit and write….hence I am blog surfing!! And your owls made me smile so thank you.x

    1. Josephine says:

      You’re so very welcome! 🙂

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