Racing for Brilliance

Have you ever joined a writing race?

Ned Kelly 1946 | Sidney Nolan
Ned Kelly 1946 | Sidney Nolan

I am a fan of writing quickly. Racing to get thoughts on the page opens doorways to potential greatness that our inner critics might otherwise keep firmly shut. I remember once listening to an interview on ABC Classic FM between Margaret Throsby and the curator of an art gallery who had put together an exhibit of Australian artist Sidney Nolan’s work. The curator explained that Sidney Nolan’s philosophy was to paint quickly; so quickly that he left behind some 35,000 works!! Nolan’s belief was that it was only in painting quickly that he was able to go beyond the rational and into the mystical. And sometimes he hit brilliance.

I’m certainly not saying your words won’t need editing; they will. But write for your life first.

Nolan is often criticised for leaving behind many thousands of ‘dud’ paintings and ‘only’ a few dozen or so masterpieces. Well gee… if I reach the end of my writing career with only a few dozen masterpieces I think I will be resting in peace.

The Australian Writers Marketplace holds regular online writing races that you might like to check out. Or you could always set the clock and race yourself.

Either way, race on writers… brilliance is just a few thousand words away.