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Buddhism for Meat Eaters

by Josephine Moon


Horse Rescue: Inspiring Stories of Second-chance horses and the lives they changed.

[Please note: I published this one under a different name 🙂 ]

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“I really believe he knew I was there to help and make his life better. It was my main goal that he would never see a day of fear again in his whole life.”

– Eleisha, with her horse Phantom

The moment Joanne Schoenwald calmed her frail, dogger-bound accidental horse, he rested his forehead over her chest, directly over her heart. It was one of the most powerful moments of her life – and she would never be the same again.

This spurred a transformative journey of exhilarating triumph, inspiring connections, powerful self-healing and quiet meditative wisdom as Joanne launched a quest to change the lives of horses, one rescue at a time. The biggest miracle of this journey was learning the simple truth that – time after time – a person may set out to rescue a horse, yet a horse returns the rescue a hundred times over.

Written by the bestselling novelist also known as Josephine Moon, Horse Rescue is a beautiful and moving collection of true stories. Be inspired by rescue horses and their people, who shine in adversity, rise through the challenges of cancer, defeat all odds to go to the Olympics, and find light and hope after prison. Celebrate the incredible bond between humans and their rescue horses, proving love, kindness and rescuing those in need is never an accident, but a life-changing gift.

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