Writing Courses

I am a professional author, with previous work experience as a teacher (English, Film & TV), an editor, a corporate trainer, a writer of company wellness content, a charity founder and president, a business coordinator, a writer of website and marketing content and guest speaker.


4 Weeks to Find & Grow the Time to Write Your Book.

Lovelies, do you dream of writing a novel or maybe a memoir? A children’s book or fantasy trilogy? Is finding the TIME the thing that is holding you back? TIME is a writer’s greatest resource yet I find few of us really have a handle on how to work in harmony with it. If you are doing the ‘life juggle’ and trying to find the time to get to your passion project, then this four-week e-course might just be the thing you need to break through your time blocks. I know what it’s like to write with an array of competing deadlines and priorities and I’ve done it badly and I’ve done it well. I’m delighted to share with you the techniques, wisdom and strategies I’ve developed over the years. To find out more about this e-course I created just for you–the time-challenged writer–head on over to this link.

The Writers Emporium

Based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, The Writers Emporium is a collaboration between two best-selling Australian authors, Rachel Bailey and Josephine Moon. Both Rachel and Jo love writing and also love to teach. Living in the same area in Noosa’s hinterland, they decided to join forces and create The Writers Emporium.

The Writers Emporium strives to:

  • Provide comprehensive guidance, support and instruction on a variety of writing techniques and strategies.
  • Provide a variety of delivery methods, including one-day, two-day and three-day workshops and retreat-style gatherings as well.
  • Provide a safe and supportive environment in which all people feel welcomed and heard.
  • Inspire, educate and promote excellence in writing.
  • Facilitate connections between writers.