Book ‘The Setup’ Package

‘The Setup’ package is for you if:

  • You want to make sure you’re building a book on solid ground.
  • You want to reduce the amount of rework you’ll have to do down the track.
  • You want to check you’ve got your (or your character’s) motivations right.
  • You are unclear on what should be in your book, or maybe what shouldn’t.
  • You have questions about genre, book word length, chapter word length, characters, sensitive topics, possible markets or structure.
  • You’re not sure how to define your target audience.
  • You have no idea where to start.
  • You have questions about research.
  • You are wondering if you should self-publish (indie) or try for a traditional publisher.

My ‘Setup’ Package Includes:

  • your opportunity to email me the synopsis of the book you are working on (or about to start) so that I can get a sense of what you’re trying to achieve when we meet up to chat about your vision
  • my reading, preparing and reporting time**
  • an emailed copy of my notes, feedback and suggestions (prepared after our chat)
  • a 60 minute Zoom meeting with me so that you can tell me about your project and ask any questions or seek help to trouble-shoot
  • a mountain of useful information to help you take the next right steps
  • complimentary digital assets and working resources, delivered to your inbox
  • lifetime membership* to my private coaching/mentoring/assessment email list, with exclusive content just for this group.
  • FREE access to my e-course on how to find the time to write
  • lifetime invitation* to a quarterly Zoom call for all my students, where you can ask me anything, and also (if you want to) connect with other writers who might be writing similar stories to you. (Writing buddies are the best! You might find one in this group.)
  • GST, processing fees and printing costs

Your Investment: $220

* “lifetime membership” and “lifetime invitation” means for the duration of the time that I am offering these services… which is hopefully many years
**Please note, this package does not include editing services. Editing is an entirely different process. This means, I do not fix your words, sentences, paragraphs, typos, spelling, punctuation or grammar. (Having said that, it is highly likely I will pull out sections of text to demonstrate how you could improve your writing style and fluency.)

Booking Process

Email me at so we can make a day to connect in person.

  • Make sure you email me the synopsis of the book you’re working on at least 48 hours before our scheduled meeting.
  • We meet via Zoom for our chance to talk through your project.
  • I will prepare you comprehensive notes after our meeting and email them through to you within two working days.
  • We can then connect again online via my exclusive student Zoom calls in the future.

If you are an NDIS client, you may be eligible to claim your tuition via your funding package if you have goals aligned with, and resources allocated to, improving communication or increasing skills. Please check with your plan manager or with NDIS if you are unsure. Email me for more info.

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