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My agent is Alex Adsett, Alex Adsett Publishing Services.


For publicity enquiries for The Wonderful Thing About Phoenix Rose:

Connor Parissis, Penguin Random House



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Did you know that authors ONLY get more book contracts if people BUY their books?!

My readers are important to me because when you buy my books, I get to continue writing and have the best job in the world. I’m so grateful for your support and I love to hear from you. I want to reward you with exclusive content and competitions for you to win great prizes.

An important thing you should know:

Social media is not the best place to stay connected with me. Due to the varying nature of algorithms on Facebook and Instagram, you might miss out on the good stuff. AND Facebook robots can (and have!) taken down accounts and made them disappear forever… because robots don’t have logic. I would rather be investing in our relationship via a stable platform like this website. The BEST WAY for us to stay connected is for you to sign up for my love letters. 

I’ll send out a newsletter every now and then with news on book events, foodie chat, snippets from my life as a writer, photos, behind-the-scenes info, recipes, invitations to join me in writing workshops and courses (if that’s your thing) and EXCLUSIVE extracts from my unpublished writings… and more, all exclusively for you, my valued reader.

As I have both readers and writers who follow my work, I’ll make sure my newsletters are easily divided into content to suit you all so you can skip to the bits you love the most.

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You can find me on Facebook here. This is where I post most of my information, videos, photos, competitions and so on.

You can find me on Instagram @josephinemoon (where I post a lot of food, book and animal pictures).

If you would like to invite me to speak, you might find it useful to visit the Australian Society of Authors rates of pay for more information.

And you can email me at josephinemoon [at]