Write a Novel in a Year With Me

Have you always wanted to write a novel? Have you been writing short-form pieces for a while now and want to try a long-form project? Have you recently started a novel but then got stuck and couldn’t move forward?

Whether you haven’t even tried to write a novel yet or this is your third attempt (which is super normal, by the way) this course is for you.

Together, let’s write a novel in a year.

Over six half day online workshops, you will learn the craft of writing a novel, from beginning to end at the once only very low, introductory price of just $80 per session. (That’s $480 in total and that price will rise next year.)

Your novel can be any genre. The building blocks of writing a novel are pretty much the same regardless of whether you are writing crime, romance, uplit, fantasy, adult, children’s, YA, contemporary, mystery, steampunk, sci fi or anything else. All genres and diversities are welcome in this class.

NDIS clients may be able to use their funding for this course. Email me for more info.

Word counts
Narrative voice, narrators, point of view, ‘head hopping’
World building
Editing your own work
Ensemble casts
What makes a best seller
The publishing industry
Giving and receiving feedback, writing buddies and writing groups
How to manage fear, procrastination and rejection sensitivity
Query letters
And other random topics that arise along the way!

You will also:

  • receive lifetime membership* to my private coaching/mentoring/assessment email list, with exclusive content just for this group.
  • receive lifetime invitation* to a quarterly Zoom call for all my students, where you can ask me anything, and also (if you want to) connect with other writers who might be writing similar stories to you. (Writing buddies are the best! You might find one in this group.)
  • All sessions will be recorded so if you cannot make one, you will be able to access the recording.

* “lifetime membership” and “lifetime invitation” means for the duration of the time that I am offering these services… which is hopefully many years yet.

Each workshop will be recorded so if you miss one, you’ll be able to catch up.

Dates for Let’s Write a Novel:

All workshops will run via Zoom on Sundays mornings from 8.30am to 12.30pm (Qld time)

26 February
2 April
21 May
2 July
13 August
24 September
5 November

Let’s do this!