Free Webinar. Reimagining Autism: Myths, Autistic Truth, Empathy

What IS Autism, anyway? Do Autistic people lack empathy? What do Autistic people look like? Isn’t everyone a little bit Autistic?

Join me for a FREE webinar on ‘Reimagining Autism’. This is a presentation I created to run in August this year at the Brisbane National Education Summit in the ‘Diverse Learners’ symposium and I would love to share it with you too.

Monday 28th November at 7.30pm (Brisbane time).

(That’s 8.30pm Sydney and Melbourne time. For other locations in Australia, check here.)

Click here to get access.

Who is this for?

  • Anyone who’s interested in learning more about Autism (and in adults especially)
  • Parents with recently identified Autistic kids (pass this on to them… I remember how overwhelming and confusing that time was with no support around)
  • Teachers, allied health, grandparents
  • Adults who are querying their own neurodivergent identity.

Please note: I don’t have fancy tech to manage workflows and send you automated reminders etc. (those things are pricey!) so I highly recommend you write it in your diary or put reminders on your phone. Please don’t rely on me to remind you: I’m an AuDHDer and lose my keys, wallet, phone, medication and shoes every single day 🙂


  • Make sure you copy the access link for your records!
  • Set yourself reminders to come along!
  • Bring yourself a cuppa, your curiosity to learn and your friendly faces.

I look forward to seeing you there.